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For All Of Humanity

Designed to encourage and support individual initiatives and spontaneous cooperation for making the world work optimally for all of humanity. As humans move from physical labor to a preoccupation with creation, dance, yoga, self education, experiment, search, research, development, prototyping, etc.  Imagine a research lab, sudio, art, play, stage and performance space, maker-bot space. A temple for creative living, a tool to help you live a joyful and creative life.
As stewards of our planet, we are responsible for its health. Imagine a tool for humanity and individuals to be part of nature in giving and receiving, sharing and doing more with less.


A Ghome Library and Laboratory
in each community

Build a Ghome tool library in each community to link local and global regeneration workers.
A Ghome provides the global links allowing the new nomads to link their global knowledge and skills with the local skills and knowledge, valuing both provides a boost of support for local communities and enables them to contribute to planetary healing.


With the addition of many new flexible personal technologies and tools the Ghome becomes the building you want it to be. Depending on which tools are on line GHome becomes a school, a home, a clinic, a manufacturing space, a co-working space, temple, a studio, a communication center, a food place, a market, etc. Ghomes shall contain the tools for health, work, sleep, education, communication, creation, research, monitoring, exploration etc. These specialist tools include microscopes, telescopes, maker bots, video equipment, medical diagnostic equipment, and other tools that are now available to the individual with the selection increasing daily . The phone and internet have already become the centralised tool with many faces. The village GHome shall be the container, and shelter for both the tools and the local and global tool users and will also provide an inspirational model home which can be copied byb the community. The GHome shall be a seeding tree in the community and shall naturally grow into a forest.
Most existing building types and their human and organisational infrastructure are made redundant by new technologies. Ghome is like a radio:- you tune it to the channel or function you want when you want. Forget existing building types, many of which are redundant as the Ghome tool center can act as clinic, school, food storage, energy source, communications center etc.

The Shell

  • A steel skeleton cube, strong, easy to manufacture, assemble and recycle
  • A transportable, pre-built service box or “pod” that contains the energy systems, bathroom, kitchen and storage


  • Choose your own walls or “skins” from a wide range of recycled materials and technologies, according to location and climate


Regenerative homes


Inspired Global Villages


  • GVillage members can stay at different GVillages around the globe

Glibrary Glab

  • GVillages have tool and equipment libraries and connect local communities with the global community, serving as a hub of communication, exchange and education
    When people build their own GHome they can rent them at a fixed rate through the GVillage network


  • Rental rates are fixed per single module (modules without kitchen/bathroom are cheaper, Studio, workshop, gallery)
  • Example:
    $72 per 24hours for full units (with bathroom and kitchen)
    $54 per 24hours for plain unit (without amenities)
    50% discounts for early adopters apply

Manage Ocupation

  • GVillage members can book occupancy in GHomes in different locations around the globe


  • Inbuilt blockchain technology and traditional payment systems handle transactions
  • Smart Contracts And Governing System
  • GToken
  • The GToken is the currency used among members
    People can acquire tokens in various ways (i.e. providing land, skills, hard cash)
  • One GToken is worth 24 hours of accomodation in a GHome
  • Create a “meshed” network, enabling Connectivity among GHomes and GVillage members even in remote areas via a “meshed” network
  • Early adopters get 50% discount

Smart Homes Smart Villages

  • Smart home automatisation makes the homes intelligent and efficient
  • Smart village optimises processes in the community

Social Sharing

  • Social sharing platform allows for smart and efficient coordination of resource and skill sharing

Virtual And Extended Reality

  • Virtual or augmented reality allows for online meetings and connections
    Building tools to design and modify houses and fillages in VR
  • Augmented reality homes and villages (Ultimate customizability)
  • VR team meetings
  • VR team collaboration and community tools


Global Connectivity



Seed funding to complete GHome R&D and to build the first GVillage

  • Nonprofit grants
  • Corporate partnerships

Crowdfunding to scale GVillages globally

  • People investing in GHome crowdfunding will get X amount of days to stay in any GVillage location
  • GHomes can be built quickly and creatively to accommodate multiple GVillage concepts depending on success of crowdfunding/demand
  • When people build their own GHome outside of crowdfunding they can rent them at a fixed rate through the GVillage network
  • Early adopters get discounted GVillage membership